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Loansoft Solutions were developed to meet the varied needs of the instalment credit industry. The platform boasts a modular design that allows customers to create the right solution for their particular business requirements.

You will be able to seamlessly integrate our software into your website and through the customers application journey, whilst adapting the design to meet your brand requirements.

Loan Management Software

Our Software is developed with your needs in mind.

Bespoke customization to meet your business needs

Built-in customer service tools

Integrated website & mobile

Download full audit trails of team activities, data edits, task completions, and customer communication log

Reliable technical support & server

Our Solutions

Training Software

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a step above any other because its ease of use, configurability and security, with Loansoft you will have access to a scalable learning platform that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.
With this LMS you will benefit from many core features including:

Stay Organised

Manage your organisational compliance from beginning to end, with mandatory training tracking

Free App Learning

Deliver learning content anytime, anywhere and on any device, access content and reports on the go.

Secure LMS

Our LMS offers secure, scalable SaaS hosting with unlimited storage as standard.

Collaborative and social learning

Collaborative and social learning – allow learners to start discussions and share questions, tips and views

Report Generation

Assess risk and knowledge gaps across your organisation, report by department, or area and deliver relevant results.

Custom Learning

Create beautiful bespoke content, tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation.

Report Generation

The LMS system will generate reports across your entire organisation at the touch of a button. You will have the ability to access clear, real-time graphical reports on activity progress.

Choose to filter reports by department, line manager or location. Fully configurable to suit you, and presented in a way that is clear, intuitive and accessible.

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‘Off the shelf’ courses

‘Off the shelf’ courses you will have access to include:

  • A range of compliance courses
  • A range of Cyber Security Courses
  • A range of Microsoft Office Courses
  • A range of Workplace Skills Courses
  • Plus customised training designed by you

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Employee Benefits

Our Loan software solutions come to you as a packaged solution that includes access to an employee benefits package. We are proud to offer Perkbox to each of our clients, for unlimited use within your business.

Perkbox have taken all the things that make winning company cultures – perks and benefits, reward and recognition, communication and visibility – and packaged them into one tidy online solution.

With Perkbox you will have access to:


Perkbox makes employee feedback easier than ever. Perkbox use a mixture of behavioural science and front-line HR expertise to help you transform your employee experience.

Reward and recognition

The rewards hub and recognition platform are super easy to use, making identifying and celebrating your outstanding people second nature.


Gain access to the employee assistance program (EAP) or A suite of guided workouts. Perkbox wellness gives employees the education, tools and support they need to be on top form


From learning facilities to salary stretching schemes, life essentials to luxuries, the perks help your employees’ pay cheques go further while boosting your employee value proposition (EVP)


We are available whenever you need us

Whether you are looking for more information on our products and services or you are an existing client and require our support, our team are ready to guide and support you today. Contact us through out contact form by clicking on the button below.